Gaga is a devil worshipper’: Minister

Posted on: Mei 18, 2012

GambarDY GA

Religious Affairs Minister Suryadharma Ali has voice appreciation for law enforcement agencies for not recommending that American diva Lady Gaga be allowed to perform in the capital, claiming that the racy musician is “a devil worshipper”.

Suryadharma, who chairs the United Development Party (PPP), said Thursday that Gaga would have a negative influence on young Indonesians, citing that the singer “indulges in pornography by wearing revealing costumes.”

“Her lyrics indicate that she is also an anti-religious person. During her concerts, Lady Gaga looks like a devil worshipper,” said the minister, who admitted he had never watched any of Gaga’s music videos, as reported by

He was responding to the decision by the Jakarta Police recently to not recommend the National Police issue a permit for the Grammy award-winning singer’s concert.

The diva was slated to perform before tens of thousands fans, known as Little Monsters, at the Bung Karno Stadium in Senayan, Central Jakarta, on June 3. She is the first foreign performer to be denied a permit by Indonesian authorities.

Commenting on this, Suryadharma said that the metropolitan police’s decision not to endorse Gaga’s concert should become a model for authorities in other parts of the country.

The politician denied that banning Gaga’s performance was a violation of Indonesians’ freedom of expression, saying that the authorities were responsible for protecting citizens from “negative foreign influences”.

The PPP is an Islamic party that holds 38 of the 560 seats at the House of Representatives. (asa)



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